Financial Literacy

“Each One Teach One Workshop”

Monet Richardson Community Foundation aims to not only provide the Backpack and Academic Scholarship Programs but also provide our Financial Literacy “Each One Teach One Workshop” that prepares our youth and families for financial growth and success. It is our desire to provide financial literacy to help increase their goals for financial independence in our service areas across North Carolina.

The goal is to provide financial information that will help our participants become more confident in making positive financial decisions, and create a monthly family budget plan, and how-to emergency funds savings plan, all while feeling inspired to become positive contributors to their families and community.

During our Each One Teach One Workshop, we will have leaders with financial expertise conduct in-person sessions appropriate for both parents and students.

Attendees leave with professional development skills and strategies to apply to their daily individual and family lives.

Please contact us if you are interested in being a speaker and or sponsor for one of our financial literacy events.