Financial Literacy

“Each One Teach One Workshop”

At the Monet Richardson Community Foundation, our commitment extends beyond providing backpacks and academic scholarships; we are equally devoted to nurturing financial wisdom through our ‘Each One Teach One Workshop’. This unique program stands as a beacon of financial literacy, empowering our youth and their families with the knowledge needed for financial growth and stability.

The Workshop

Our mission goes beyond the basics: we offer tools and insights that inspire confidence, enabling our participants to make sound financial decisions that enable them to become self-sufficient. From devising a monthly family budget to building an emergency savings plan, we aim to create a generation of financially savvy individuals who contribute positively to their families and communities.

The ‘Each One Teach One Financial Literacy Workshop’ is an immersive experience, featuring industry leaders who offer their expertise in engaging, age-appropriate sessions for parents and students alike. Participants leave equipped with professional development skills and strategies to enhance their day-to-day lives, individually and as families.

Example Topics

What is A Fico Score?

Household Budget Planning

Home Buying 101

Retirement Planning 101


Rainy Day & Christmas Fund

(K-5) SECU FAT CAT Accounts

(K-5) Chores & Savings

(K-5) Entrepreneurship for Youth

Thank You To Our Sponsors

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Get Involved

We welcome those with a desire to make a difference. If you are interested in sharing your financial expertise as a speaker, or wish to sponsor one of our financial literacy events, please get in touch with us.